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one piece pirates

Crowned Princess of Dressrosa Rebecca is expected to join the crew with Kyros after one piece pirates asked Violet if she can take her place in the kingdom. 'One Piece Chapter Spoilers & Rumors: "One Piece" 798 will be available next week on August 28. Movie News Guide reported that the weapons could be the reason for the fight between the Blackbeard Pirates and the Revolutionary Army in "One Piece" manga chapter 804.


According to speculation, Fujitora has Luffy in captivity. One Piece" chapter 804 will release on the morning of Oct. Zoro is still practicing his new sword technique for an upcoming battle. "One Piece" fans believe trouble is coming from the 5600-men alliance and the new knowledge about the World Nobles or the Celestial Dragons power. There is speculation in the forum that Chapter 798 this will be the final chapter for the Dressrosa Kingdom
The Zou arc is said to reveal details about the "Blank Period" which are carefully hidden by the World Government. Considering what Princess Mansherry is capable of, this is a welcome subplot to work with because it is the smart thing to do – for either side. But where the episode wants to focus on is the “quiet” movements of the lower member of the Family that are out and about grabbing up the executives of it that have been taken